DTM-Inspired AUDI RS6 Avant That You Will Definitely Want To Race

DTM-Style Audi RS6 AVANT with wide body kit and transparent spoiler

If back in the day, the body kit design was inspired solely by motorsports engineers, then today CGI artists became the new trend-setters in this niche.

Their futuristic and sometimes extremely radical design solutions create new trends in the world of aftermarket equipment and tuning and push the boundaries of the automotive scene.

Audi RS6 Wide body bumper and front bumper splitter DTM-style

Today we’d like to share with you another awesome creation Vision RS6 Concept by Karan Adivi and Shashank Das. In essence, it is a DTM inspired concept based on the latest Audi RS6 Avant wagon with futuristic aero elements, insane widebody fenders, and truly unique HEXA wheels that tie together exceptionally well.
Audi RS6 with blue LED headlights

Audi RS6 DTM style rear bumper

“This is the fifth concept in the Karrbon Series by Karan Adivi. This concept has been designed using the latest RS6 as the base and creating a DTM and Super Silhouette inspired look for the wagon. The main intent was to create a scenario where Audi made and raced a bonkers race car version of their infamous station wagon that sported an insanely wide and super low body.”

Audi RS6 transparent polycarbonate rear spoiler

When Karan showed me the bodykit a few weeks back, I knew I had to design a livery and render it in an energetic scene. So that’s what I did. Using white as a base, I designed the graphics for the Vision RS6 Concept. I changed the wing to an acrylic material for a visual change and it turned out quite interesting! Lastly, featuring the “HEXA” wheel graphics design”

Audi RS6 Wide body with hexa wheels
DTM style Audi RS6 Wide body with side exit exhaust

Bodykit by @karanadivi
Livery and CGI by @sdesyn

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