Stanced BMW E34 Touring with M5 Engine Swap and Air Suspension

Stanced BMW E34 Touring with M5 Engine Swap and Air Suspension

BMW 5-Series E34 is hands-down one of the most iconic BMW models of the late 80s – early 2000s. With its incredibly balanced shape and sophisticated design, it became the quintessence of BMW styling that is appreciated by car people around the world. While sedan was the most popular body style of the E34, Touring models were not as widespread even in Europe, although they had that unique wagon vibe that made them really special.

This beautiful stanced BMW 5-Series E34 Touring is owned and modified by Kiyoto Furuyama from Japan. Despite the clean OEM+ look of the car, it has a lot of stylish and functional upgrades.

Stanced BMW M5 Wagon E34 Touring on air suspension

Slammed BMW M5 E34 Touring on BBS RS rims


The car started life as a base 540i, but was later converted into a real M5. The original engine was swapped with an iconic S38B38 M5 3.8L inline 6-cylinder motor that produces pretty decent performance of 340HP, which makes this wagon feel light and nimble.

E34 M5 S38B38 3.8L inline 6-cylinder motor

BMW M5 E34 3.8L inline 6-cylinder motor S38B38


Like any real M5 it features the M bumpers all around. The optics were swapped with American-style amber turn signal, reflectors, and red tail lights. Black pinstriping inspired by Alpina graphics, and a glance grey paint make the wagon look even more period-correct, although the carbon fiber hood and low flushed-to-the-ground stance give it a trendy modern touch.

Bagged BMW E34 Touring on 18" BBS RS rims

Wheels & Suspension

The station wagon sits low on Air Lift air suspension and a set of staggered 18” BBS RS rims with step lips that proved to be the best wheel choice for the BMW E34. Interesting fact, the original modular BBS RS rims came in the 16” and were converted to 18” with a help of new step lip outer barrel.

Custom 16" BBS RS rims with polished 18” outer rings


The interior is mostly OEM, refinished with light-grey Alcantara on the steering wheel, dash, and door panels. The anatomic seats are boasting the Recaro name and awesome-looking seat belts in contrasting red color.

BMW E34 with Renown steering wheel in grey alecantara leather

BMW E34 Recaro seats in light grey alecantara leather with red seat belts

Specs – BMW e34 m5 touring wagon


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  • 3.8L l6 from M5 capable of 340HP


  • Air Lift air suspension


  • Custom 16″ BBS RS rims with polished 18” outer rings


  • Recaro seats
  • Renown steering wheel

Dropped BMW E34 front end with amber turn signals and black smoke headlights

Slammed grey BMW E34 Touring with Airlift air suspension

Stanced BMW M5 E34 Touring with BBS rims

Watch the progress and find out more about this BMW M5 project by visiting the Instagram profile of the owner: @kiyoto_e34s38!

Photography by Ryo Kato @ryo_photograph0105

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