Slammed Volvo 940 Turbo Wagon – Ultimate 500HP Sleeper

Volvo 940 Wagon

When most people think of a Volvo, they think of a safe, reliable car that is perfect for long family trips. But what if you took that same Volvo and turned it into a high-performance machine? That’s exactly what was done by the current owner of this restored and modified 1996 Volvo 940 Wagon. With numerous performance and visual upgrades, this wagon is now capable of sending over 500HP to the rear wheels and sending it sideways at the local race tracks.

Slammed Volvo 940 Turbo Wagon in light blue teal color
The car has been repainted in a unique teal-blue color that really pops and makes it stand out from the crowd. This color was chosen to play in contrast wit deep dish 2-piece wheels with polished lips and gold centers, that make it look. simply amazing.

Suspension & Stance

In order to eliminate the wheel gap and chieve that low ground-hugging stance the owner decided to lower the car with a help of air suspension. It allowed him to adjust the right height to on the go and protect the body an the undercarriage while cruising.

Volvo 940 Wagon on SSR custom wheels


It’s one of the last rear-wheel-drive Volvo models and it drifts like a champion thanks to the powerful 500HP turbo engine. The factory 4 cylinder engine was enhanced with a performance turbocharger, Atomic air intake, intercooler and performance exhaust.

Volvo 940 modified Turbo engine with custom turbocharger, intercooler and air intake


  • 1996 Volvo 940 Wagon
  • Custom Turbocharger
  • Performance Intercooler
  • Atomic air intake system
  • Air Suspension

Stanced Volvo 940 Wagon on air suspension and custom wheels

Volvo 940 Wagon front bumper and wide headlights

Volvo 940 Wagon hatch


Volvo is known for their safe, family car image, but this Volvo 940 Turbo slammed wagon is something special. It’s one of the last rear-wheel-drive Volvo models and it drifts like a champion. This Swedish car is the perfect sleeper: It looks unassuming, but it’s packing some serious power. If you’re looking for a unique Swedish ride that can handle the twists and turns of a race track, the Volvo 940 Turbo is the car for you.

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