Modified Mercedes GLC63 AMG Review – Mods, Specs & Interview With The Owner

Mercedes GLC63 AMG Specs mods and upgrades

During the last few decades, crossovers became some of the most fast-growing market segments in the automotive industry. They represented a compromise between roomy SUVs and common passenger cars, which offered more versatility and comfort to everyday driving. Today’s crossovers have derived into many subclasses divided by size, comfort and capabilities to target the needs of drivers in even better ways.

Various car brands have different approaches to developing their crossover models. For instance, Toyota is mainly concentrated on building the crossovers for drivers concerned with efficiency and reliability, Jeep and Subaru are producing off-road-capable crossovers, but what about premium German brands, and Mercedes in particular? – They do exactly what they’re good at – they produce crossovers with a premium level of comfort, impeccable quality and mind-blowing performance, especially when we talk about AMG-baged models.

Mercedes GLC63 AMG on air suspension bagged

One of the best examples of such performance crossovers is this blacked-out 2018 AMG GLC63 owned by Matt Rogers from the UK. Being a long-term fan of performance vehicles he owned a series of the best BMW M cars, but at some point in his life decided to join the dark side of AMG performance. Matt was kind enough to talk about the ownership experience of his sinister-looking GLC63 and discuss the mods and upgrades done to the car during the last few years.

Why did you choose a European car brand?

– I’ve always loved the styling, build quality and premium feel of European cars. I owned BMWs for over 12 years including a long line of M3’s, but this is my first Mercedes. As a brand I love what Mercedes have done in the last several years and the AMG division produce some incredible cars. When it comes to emotive driving in a modern day road car, I think they are up there with the very best.

“I owned BMWs for over 12 years including a long line of M3’s, but this is my first Mercedes”

Modified Mercedes GLC63 AMG

Why did you choose a GLC63 AMG?

– Having two children and a dog, I needed something practical. Also the condition of UK roads are pretty terrible and I was sick of breaking splitters and constantly worrying about ground clearance so an SUV was a good choice. I owned a BMW F15 X5 for a couple of years and loved it, but I really missed the sound and pace of a performance car so I started looking at performance SUVs and honestly the GLC 63 AMG does everything. Space for 5 people plus luggage, a thumping biturbo V8 that is highly tuneable, comfortable, 4matic+ which is really helpful given how much it rains in the North of England, and I just think the silhouette looks incredible.

“I was sick of breaking splitters and constantly worrying about ground clearance so an SUV was a good choice”

Lowered Mercedes GLC63 AMG

What inspired you to choose this modification style?

– I’ve always liked the black-on-black look, especially on AMG’s. I think it fits the character of the car perfectly. I also wanted the stance of this car to be aggressive so I spent a fair amount of time getting the ride height and wheel sizes right to give the low and wide look I wanted, whilst still trying to maintain the look of an SUV.

“I’ve always liked the black-on-black look, especially on AMG’s”

Lowered Mercedes GLC63 AMG performance project

What challenges did you face while putting it together?

– After a lot of discussion with BC Forged NA I ended up sizing down the width of the rear wheels by 0.5 inches to make the tyres fit the same way as the fronts and give a straighter sidewall profile. It worked and wheel and tyre combo looks great but I should have lowered the offset at the same time. So I ended up fitting a 15mm spacer at the rear and then had to modify the inner arch trim to prevent rubbing. With the help of FixUrban we got there in the end and the stance is now just how I wanted it.

What do you love about your AMG?

– Everything! But if I had to pick one thing it would be the sound. I’ve always loved the sound of V8’s but AMG engines are something else. Even the standard exhaust sounds awesome but I’ve had a back box modification done by DKU Performance which has increased the volume by about 20% and given it a deeper rumble. It’s set to get even better as I’m booked in with BR motorsport at the start of March to get catless down pipes fitted, then it’s off back to GAD Tuning North for a stage 2 map. I can’t wait to hear how it sounds then!

“I’ve always loved the sound of V8’s but AMG engines are something else”

Black Mercedes GLC63 AMG crossover

Is it your daily or a weekend ride?

Daily. I use it for everything. School run, supermarket shopping, road trips and car shows. It’s a great all rounder.

Do you take it to local car shows?

– I take it to shows all over the UK. I also run a car club for high end modified German cars, called @kustomcarclub and we are attending at least 8 shows in the UK in 2022 as a club. Our goal is to build a car community of the finest modified German cars in the UK. We also organise events, rallies and smaller meets so please get in touch if you would like to join!

“I use it for everything. School run, supermarket shopping, road trips and car shows. It’s a great all rounder.”

Mercedes GLC63 AMG black BC forged Custom wheels with gold rivets

SPECS 2018 Mercedes GLC63 AMG





  • HCS02S 2 piece forged wheels by @BCForgedNA
  • Front 21 x 9.5 ET 13
  • Rear 21 x 11.0 ET 25
  • 15mm Bimecc rear spacer
  • Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tyres
  • Front 275/35/21
  • Rear 325/30/21

Exterior mods

  • All work done by @FixUrban
  • Arch trims and rear diffuser flattened, smoothed and colour coded
  • Side steps replaced with genuine side skirts, smoothed and colour coded
  • Front Panamericana grill painted gloss black
  • Door handles colour-coded
  • Window trims painted gloss black
  • Black badges fitted all around
  • “R” badge fitted from the AMG GT-R
  • Limo rear window tints. Legal limit front window tints
  • Callipers painted Brembo yellow
  • Rear brake lights tinted
  • Front and rear number plate surround removed

Mercedes GLC63 AMG blacked out grille

What are your future plans for this vehicle?

– Other than the downpipes and stage 2 tune I mentioned before, I will start upgrading the interior next with a re-trimmed alcantara steering wheel and eventually some edition one AMG performance bucket seats.

Anything else you would like to share about your car or about modifying cars in general?

– Just that modifying cars is an expensive hobbie but if like me, it’s what you love and it makes you happy then don’t let anyone discourage you from doing it. It’s a great way to express yourself, meet new people and make great memories.

Mercedes GLC63 R AMG logo


The secret of evolution in the automotive market is very similar as it’s based on natural selection – the cars that meet the needs of consumers survive the competition, the ones that don’t – lose sales. Along with that, if there’s a demand – there is a space for the proposition, and luckily the car manufacturers listen to what the market wants. This Mercedes GLC63AMG is a perfect combination of a high-end performance car with the comfort and convenience of a family SUV, so if you are addicted to the deep growl of a V8 exhaust and have adult responsibilities, it’s hard to find a better vehicle for your garage. Plus, there is a big chance that your kids will inherit your passion for cars and the love for the AMG exhaust sound (just don’t scare them up).

Gallery Mercedes GLC63 AMG

Watch the progress and find out more about this Mercedes GLC63 AMG by visiting the Instagram profile of the owner: @mattausamg!

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📸Photography by @_havisuals

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